The Best Affiliate Program

I’ve been an affiliate with the OA Internet Affiliate Program since 2005 and it’s been my top money maker throughout most of the past seven years. Because of the consistent success I’ve had with them I have no reservations about proclaiming it to be the best affiliate program you can join.

Now I’ll add the obvious caveat; I haven’t tried every single affiliate program online (there are many thousands, maybe even millions?) but I have tried a lot of them and none of them have worked as well for me as OA Internet.

What Makes It The Best?

  • High Conversion Rates. You send targeted traffic and you get sales. Consistently.
  • No Waiting for Payments. I don’t think they’ve ever been late with a payment. Seven years without any real payment problems.
  • High Commissions. You can make over $200 for a single sale and the average payout (in my experience) is around $75.
  • Great Support. If you ask these guys a question they quickly get back to you with a real answer.
  • It’s Free. Never waste your time with an affiliate program that asks you to pay some kind of membership fee. The good ones are free to join, after all you are helping to make them money.

Click Here to find out more (I recommend joining todayget started now! You can be making good money in a short amount of time if you know what you’re doing – or you are a fast learner!)

How to make money with this affiliate program?

  • SEO. It’s not as easy as it was in the pre-Penguin days but it can still be done.
  • Pay Per Click. AdWords & MSN AdCenter.
  • Experiment!

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