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The Best Affiliate Program

I’ve been an affiliate with the OA Internet Affiliate Program since 2005 and it’s been my top money maker throughout most of the past seven years. Because of the consistent success I’ve had with them I have no reservations about proclaiming it to be the best affiliate program you can join.

Now I’ll add the obvious caveat; I haven’t tried every single affiliate program online (there are many thousands, maybe even millions?) but I have tried a lot of them and none of them have worked as well for me as OA Internet.

What Makes It The Best?

  • High Conversion Rates. You send targeted traffic and you get sales. Consistently.
  • No Waiting for Payments. I don’t think they’ve ever been late with a payment. Seven years without any real payment problems.
  • High Commissions. You can make over $200 for a single sale and the average payout (in my experience) is around $75.
  • Great Support. If you ask these guys a question they quickly get back to you with a real answer.
  • It’s Free. Never waste your time with an affiliate program that asks you to pay some kind of membership fee. The good ones are free to join, after all you are helping to make them money.

Click Here to find out more (I recommend joining todayget started now! You can be making good money in a short amount of time if you know what you’re doing – or you are a fast learner!)

How to make money with this affiliate program?

  • SEO. It’s not as easy as it was in the pre-Penguin days but it can still be done.
  • Pay Per Click. AdWords & MSN AdCenter.
  • Experiment!

Where Did It All Go Wrong? (Article Marketing)

Like many SEO dependent internet marketers I’m having a rough time right now (thanks Panda & Penguin.) I’ve been in the internet marketing world for seven years now and for the first time since 2005 I’m in danger of being forced into the “real world” of real jobs and real bosses.  I certainly won’t go without a fight, but that’s exactly what it’s become. A fight.

Last summer things were doing just fine (example) but then some of my biggest money making sites lost their rankings and it seems like I’ve been in a decline ever since.

Some of the reasons for my current struggles are obvious (BuildMyRank.) But … it’s a bit complicated. Last year I actually stopped doing article marketing and started relying more and more on outsourcing (to a whole variety of different set it and forget it type SEO things – example here… but there are many others.)

I hired an SEO VA who could barely speak English. I hired quite a few different Warrior Forum related SEO experts (all of whom had glowing reviews on the WF… I’m now very suspicious of such reviews.)

Looking back; I see some obvious problems with everything I’ve been doing since I stopped doing my own link building (through article marketing primarily.) I’ve been getting a lot of really terrible content put out there with links back to me. Yeah.. it’s all easy and “push button” … but that’s the thing, eventually Google catches up to this kind of crap content, don’t they? They seem to be… The articles I put out there for myself were always 100% on topic and they were reasonably well written (and yes, I did spinning – but I did the type of spinning where nobody can tell that it’s been spun… not automated garbage.)

One idea I have is to cut out all of the automated stuff I have going on and go back to good old fashioned article marketing. I’m not convinced that it doesn’t still work (yes Build My Rank and some other networks got hit… but does that mean article marketing as a whole doesn’t work? I’m not so sure.)

I realize this is very rambling. I am not really even putting this out there for anyone but myself to read. I need to find a direction forward… fast!

Duck Duck Go / Alternative Search Engine

Many SEOers are furious about the latest Google updates because many of them are losing a large amount of traffic (and money) due to lost Google rankings.

Lots of us have also noted that Google’s search results appear to be much less relevant than they have been in the past. It seems that in their quest to punish SEOers they’ve forgotten what is supposed to be the most important part of their business: Returning relevant search results for their end users.

One example of this is that if you search for “Viagra” right now you get stuff like this in the first page of Google results.

Many SEOers are claiming that because of Google’s less than fantastic search results (and remember; it was Google’s ability to return relevant results that made it what it has become today) that they will eventually lose end users. But the question is: How bad to the results have to get before “normal people” notice?  Is “Googling” so ingrained in us that we keep doing it no matter how crappy Google gets at doing its job?

Personally I have replaced with a new homepage for all of my internet searches as of today:

Duck Duck Go is an alternative to Google and unlike Google they don’t seem to be obsessed with punishing anyone (or with collecting your private information) instead they are just focused on returning relevant results to your search queries. I just used it side by side with Google on a half dozen searches and every single time Duck Duck Go gave more relevant results. I recommend giving it a try yourself.


How Has The Google Update Effected Me?

A few of my sites were hit by this update pretty hard. The really bad thing about it is that my sites that were hit the hardest (one lost pretty much all of its Google traffic) were actually my sites that have the most unique original quality content. Meanwhile some of my not so “thick” sites (ie: “thin affiliate sites”) are doing better than ever. I don’t seem to be alone in this experience.

Whatever they did to their algorithm it’s not working if the goal is to populate their search results with best most relevant results. On the other hand; if their goal is to create FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) among SEOers then they have accomplished this indeed. The thing is: If this really is their goal then isn’t it proof that they’ve totally lost their sight on what Google is supposed to be about? And isn’t it more than a little bit “evil”?

Negative SEO

If Google is now going to be punishing sites for getting “bad links” then this has the obvious effect of creating a market for “Negative SEO.” This basically means that if you can get a site knocked off the rankings by pointing thousands of spammy links at it then what’s to stop people from bombarding their competition with spammy links?

Google Update Madness

The Panda update came and went without really effecting me but the big change that is taking place now has hit a few of my sites pretty bad.

As of right now I’m not really sure how to move forward with SEO. I’m trying not to panic but that’s easier said than done.

If there is any silver lining it’s that the site I’ve been promoting entirely with LinkAloha is doing OK (up to #62 for its main target keyword – no… no money from that yet, but it’s a good showing for a new domain going after a pretty competitive keyword.)


In other news I’m updating my diet clickbank product for the first time in years. It’s never really taken off but I want to give it another go.

LinkAloha Link Building Review

I’m trying out a new “set it and forget it” type link building system called LinkAloha. I’m cautiously optimistic because I’ve seen a lot of great reviews for it.

I’ll be updating this post with my results as I start to see them. I may set up some tests of the service like I have done in the past for some of the article marketing services I have used, but I haven’t got to the point just yet (I just joined today.)

First Test (code name: prs-mem)

I’m testing it out on a couple of pages that I’m not building links to otherwise. These are subpages on a 2007 domain with a PR 3 which itself ranks on the first page of Google for its primary keyword (I’m also using LinkAloha on the homepage but I’m using other services too so it doesn’t represent as a pure of a test.)

The target keywords for these test pages are not particularly competitive keywords (according to Google Keyword Tool there are only 110 and 260 searches a month respectively) but they do make me a decent little profit (and they are related to something happening this year so the searches & profits should be up — ie: something that happens every four years.)

The first page currently ranks #9 for its primary target (17K exact matches) on Google and the second page ranks #5 for its primary target (444K exact matches.) I’ll be updating here with how the service works on these pages.

I will also be adding at least one more test, probably two or three more. I want to try it out on more difficult keywords as well as on a newer domain that is not already established.

+ As of 2/1/12 there has been very little movement. They are ranking #8 (+1) & #5 (no movement) now.

+ 2/7/12 update: Up to #7 (+2) & #4 (+1)  … not much, but still any movement in the right direction is nice (and I should note that I’m not using that much of its power on this particular test… I’m spreading it around.)

+ 2/14 update: #8 (-1) and #3 (+1) … the movement from #5 to #3 for the second keyword phrase is nice, but I won’t be happy with anything less than #1.

+ 2/20 update: #8 (-) and #4 (-1) … Disappointing results on this one so far.

+ 2/27 update: #8 (-) and #4 (-) … Weak! Perhaps I’m not directing enough links at this.

Second Test (code name: livhot)

This is a test on a much more competitive keyword (1.1 million exact matches) on a rather new domain (September 2011.) There are 27,000 phrase searches a month for this keyword according to Google’s Keyword Tool. As of now the site does not rank in the top 100 on Google. Success in this test would be quite impressive (and would make me a significant amount of money.)  This is in contrast to the first test which really should be quite easy.

+ As of 2/1/12 the site ranks at #193 for its target keyword. I’m not sure if this represents an improvement because I actually didn’t check past the first 100 when I started the test. But I want to get this ranking down with a date so we can see improvements in the future more clearly. I am not building links for this domain in any other way besides LinkAloha.

+ 2/7/12 update: Up to #110 (+83) … this is encouraging.

+2/14 update: Drop down to #141 (-31) … not so encouraging (but nothing to freak out about either…)

+ 2/20 update: Up to #136 (+5) … better than the last update!

+ 2/27 update: Up to #64 (+62) … this is very good movement… a page one ranking for this would probably be worth all of the money I’m spending on LinkAloha.

Third Test (code name: waldhot)

The third test is for a subpage on an aged domain. The domain has a PR 3 and was registered in 2006. The main target keyword has 1.4 million exact matches with 12,000 phrase searches a month. As with the first two tests I am only using LinkAloha for link building to this page.

+ As of 2/1/12 this page ranks #112 for its main target keyword. I think this already represents an improvement but I can’t say for sure because I didn’t check this low when first adding the page to the system.

+ 2/7/12 update: Up to #109 (+3) … not much, but at least it’s movement in the right direction!

+ 2/14/12 update: Up to #108 (+1) …. OK…

+ 2/20 update: Up to #101 (+7) … +11 for the month. At this rate I’ll be on the first page by the end of the year. Slow & steady wins the race?

+ 2/27 update: Down to #115 (-14) … well there goes all my gains.

Fourth Test (code name: fash)

I’m starting this test on 2/14/12. As of 2/14 there are no rankings for any of the four major targets I’m going for which have 590, 720, 1300, 18100, & 49500 “phrase searches”/month each according to Google. Obviously the 590, 720, 1300 phrase search keywords should be relatively easy but ranking higher for the keyword with 49K phrase searches per month will likely be quite a bit more difficult.

Unlike the first three tests, this one will not be “pure.” I will be using other methods as well as LinkAloha. This is a new domain, it was registered this month.

+ 2/20/12 update: The first keyword (with 590 phrase searches) is at #56, I don’t see any of the others in the top 200 (which is as far as I checked.)

+ 2/27 update: First keyword (590 phrase searches) up from #56 to #36. Second Keyword (720 phrase searches) at #27. Third keyword (1300 phrase searches) at #119. Fifth keyword (49,500 searches) #142.  The fourth keyword isn’t in the top 250 (I stopped looking at that point.) Overall this is pretty decent (and I’m not doing much else for this except for a SocialAdr campaign.


As of 2/27 I’m considering moving forward with just the second and fourth tests as I’m seeing more results with these two and these are also bigger potential money  makers. I’m also spreading my LinkAloha power around to some other sites that I’m not including in this test. I may be spreading it too thin.

The Best Male Enhancement Affiliate Program

As a full time affiliate marketer for more than six years now I’ve had more success in the “male enhancement” niche than I have had in any other, specifically I’ve been making a good income week after week, month after month, and year after year since 2005 with the Vimax/OAInternet Male Enhancement Affiliate Program.

I’ve tried promoting a lot of other affiliate programs in this niche but I’ve never as much success with any of them as this one. I’m not really sure why that is true, but it is. And unlike some affiliate programs; They always pay on time (weekly if you want.)

CLICK HERE to sign up now. Like any reputable affiliate program it’s absolutely free to join. (If an affiliate program asks you to pay money to join then it’s probably some kind of MLM scam.)

How Do I Make My Vimax Sales?

I’m an organic search guy so that’s how I approach this niche (as I approach any other.) I know there are some affiliates who have great success with other approaches, so I’m not claiming this is the only way (or even the “best”) way to go about it. It’s just a way that works for me.

The hard thing doing SEO for the male enhancement niche is that a lot of link building systems that work for other niches don’t work for this one. But there are a few things that I use that you can get some results with:

1. Article Marketing Automation.
2. ArticleRanks.
3. Free Traffic System.

Why I Use Google

Found this on reddit today: “Why I Use Google.”

I think most everyone knows Google is better than Bing/Yahoo but I because I rarely use Bing/Yahoo I’m actually surprised by how much better it performed on this search. It’s not even close.

Google gets the correct result (the movie Source Code) with each of its top five listings, while Bing/Yahoo don’t have a single correct result among their top 7 or 8.

By the way; I really enjoyed Source Code when I saw it in the theater earlier this year. Great movie.

September Earnings: $5628

I was hoping for a bigger increase over the $5437 I made last month, but this is at least an increase and it’s still my best month of the year: $5628 for September.

$2225 of it was made through OAInternet.

Almost all of it was made through natural search rankings for pages promoting affiliate programs (such as the OAInternet penis enhancement affiliate program) attained through this link building method.

$1492 This Week

Had a good week: $1492 Monday through Sunday. Once again OAInternet is my biggest money maker ($759 of that $1492.)

I’m on pace to better my August earnings in September, and considering August was already my best month in quite a long time, that’s very good indeed.

Almost all of these earnings are as an affiliate marketer (a small amount made with my Clickbank diet product) and they’re almost all from organic search results gained with my link building strategy.

I’m pleased!

August Earnings: $5437

I had my best month of 2011 in August with total earnings (with expenses subtracted) of $5437.

Considering I’m working, on average, about two hours per weekday (I always try to take weekends off entirely) I’m very pleased! Especially because things really picked up about halfway through the month and I’m projecting even bigger earnings in September.

I could probably be making ridiculous sums of money if I really focused on it, but for me it’s all about the freedom to be able to do what I want and certainly for where I live (my mortgage is only $800/month) $5437/month is well more than enough to be living quite comfortably (especially considering my wife makes money too.)

That said; I think I could be getting to the $10K/month level this year even working just 10 to 15 hours a week because of the way I’m focused on building rankings for the things that make me money with the link building strategies that I know work. I’m all about working smarter, not harder or longer.

OAInternet was responsible for $2273 of that (and I highly recommend them if you don’t mind working in that niche.)

I won’t share every niche I’m working in (I don’t want any extra competition in some of them…) but I will tell you the biggest key to my success: My Link Building Strategy.